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The Ultimate List of O.M.G Bad Christmas Presents!

September 11, 2014 / 0 comments, on Perfect Christmas Presents - News

We hope that our selection of Christmas gifts make it easy for you to find something for friends and family and that you can avoid giving (and getting) a gift like some of the items below. All of the below items were supposedly given as Christmas gifts and some of them are straight up weird! Buckle up, let’s check out the ultimate in O.M.G Bad Christmas Presents!

This Obama Doll…..with Green Hair!

Bad Christmas Presents - ObamaIt could be a political type present for a republican supporter or, it could a Christmas gift from an angry republican to a democrat but this Obama doll head thing is truly odd. If it’s a Christmas gift for a Dad, then the Dad deserves better! The green hair is what seals the deal and gives this Obama doll a place on the list of Ultimate in O.M.G Bad Christmas Presents!

Everyone Wants A Dream Griddle For Christmas – Not!

Bad Christmas Presents - Alarm clockOk so, I get the idea, you’re in bed and tired and feeling a tad hungry. Instead of having to get out of bed and head to the kitchen for a bite to eat instead you can, eh, cook your bacon and eggs with your alarm clock!?! Can you imagine the grease on your pillow after using a contraption like this? Then, eating bacon and eggs in bed – a messy nightmare. As a novelty, joke gift then maybe this isn’t terrible but it still makes it to the Ultimate in O.M.G. Bad Christmas presents!

Really, A Shower Gel Dispenser?

Bad Christmas Presents - shower gel dispenser“Merry Christmas, here is your present!” …and then you start to unwrap it only to discover a peculiar nose shaped object masquerading as your Christmas present…Then, the excited gift giver, unable able to contain their excitement as the punch line of the gift comes closer blurts out “it’s also a shower gel dispenser, if you use green gel, it’ll look like snot – awesome!”. A shower gel dispenser is a pretty lame Christmas present, a shower gel dispenser shaped like a nose, well, that makes it to the list of the Ultimate in O.M.G Bad Christmas Presents!

Why Tease Me With Bacon Bro?

Worst Christmas gifts - bacon walletThere are some lines that should just never be crossed, like lines made out of bacon! Arguably the most loved meat of the web bacon is a truly special type of delicacy, it’s flexible, can be cooked in many ways and is delicious with pretty much everything. But why tease someone with bacon? A bacon styled wallet, whilst novel, would have my carnivorous cravings going through the roof every time I’d take the wallet out to pay for something. After seeing a Christmas gift like this you’re left wondering, is anything sacred anymore?

The Ultimate Head Scratcher

Worst Christmas gifts - sweaterI hope you agree that the best has been saved for last! Know a mom with a toddler? Instead of getting her some of these Christmas gifts for mothers you could instead get her this uber stylish kangaroo imitating peekaboo baby jumper! The look and style of this jumper is truly odd, why any baby would want to be carried around with it’s head poking out like that I don’t know. Similarly, why any mother would like to carry their child around with their head popping out like that I don’t know either! All in all, it really is a head scratcher of a Christmas gift (puns absolutely intended) and has earned it’s spot with ease on the Ultimate O.M.G Bad Christmas Presents.

The Ultimate List of O.M.G. Bad Christmas Presents – Wrap Up

So there you have it, some shockingly bad Christmas presents which, I’m happy to say, you won’t find available for purchase on this site as we’re all about perfect Christmas presents instead :) Which of the above did you find most outrageous? Have you ever received a terrible Christmas present? If so, comment below and tell us about, we’d love to hear!

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