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Perfect Christmas Presents – What’s It All About?!?

September 5, 2014 / 0 comments, on Perfect Christmas Presents - News

If you’ve found your way to this blog post then you might be asking yourself that very question – what is Perfect Christmas Presents all about? Well, it’s time for me to pull back the curtain as I let you know exactly what this site is.

I’m Rob, a web developer and someone who isn’t a huge fan of shopping for Christmas presents.

Every year without fail I groan at the notion of having to walk the high streets and fight through the crowd looking for Christmas gifts for friends and family. And so, I had an idea – why not build a site which harnesses the vast array of great Christmas gifts that Amazon has but simplify it all. Every item you see for sale on this site is a product that is available on Amazon.

What I’ve done (and will do) is spend days trawling through Amazon trying to find the best Christmas presents and then file them away in pages like “Gifts for Mums“, “Gifts for Geeks“, “Gifts for Brothers” etc. Categorising presents in this manner will, I hope, make it easier for you to find something nifty to give as a gift this Christmas. I’m also working with graphic designer Elena Montes who is doing all the design work (and no shortage of present hunting!).

Perfect Christmas Presents – What’s It All About?

What's it all about - Perfect Christmas Presents - ReindeerAs well as offering you gifts to buy this site is also going to contain frequent blog posts and updates about, well Christmas presents and Christmas related features (imagine that?). You might see the odd Christmas cake recipe, funny Christmas video or gift reviews and as the site expands more gift categories will be added as required.

Like I said a moment before I’m also a web developer and this is my first foray into Amazon affiliates and so, from a behind-the-scenes-point-of-view, this site is also an experiment to see how Amazon can integrate with WordPress and how SEO friendly sites like these are. To be honest, no need for you to worry about all that though, it’s kinda geeky – if I were you I’d check out the Christmas pressies and if you happen to purchase something, thank you :)

This concept and site are less than 30 hours old (at time of writing) and so if you start to follow us now, well, welcome aboard – you’re in on ground floor. If you’ve any suggestions, comments or questions I’d really love to hear them so please comment below.. Until next time, and ho ho ho!

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